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A Guide to Spring Cleaning

As the days are lengthening, the brighter sunlight starts to shine more light into our homes – and often highlights the dust!

Spring cleaning is a traditional activity in March because winter causes people to spend longer periods of the day inside which creates more dust and dirt around the home.

If you are planning a spring clean this year, here are some handy tips:

* Make a list. List the jobs you are going to do and then have the satisfaction of ticking them off as you go.

* Start with the rooms that take the longest – such as the bathroom and kitchen

* Don’t do the job by yourself. Enlist the help of your spouse, or children – or get a friend to help out (remember you’ll have to offer the same favour back) in exchange for tea and chat.

* Make sure you have the right equipment before you start – Maid Simple’s cleaning products (of course), microfibre cloths, a vacuum cleaner with attachments and an extension wand to help you reach light fittings and room corners.

And finally, a thorough cleaning session can be fairly energetic – so if it helps, think of your spring clean as a free work-out!

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A Guide to Spring Cleaning
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