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Cleaning Can Be Childs Play!

Ever feel like you clean the house and within 5 minutes the kids have made a mess again?
Mucky prints on the mirrors, toys strewn across the floor….. Try making cleaning time fun for all the family with these tips on how to get the kids to help you clean up! After all, Mary Poppins found a way to make cleaning up a game, so why can’t you?

Role Play – We all know that asking the kids to help clear up goes in one ear and out the other, so why not try a little role play. Hunting and gathering works a treat! Pretend to be a pack of tigers ‘hunting’ for toys to clear away.
Timed Clean Up Sessions – Every child has a competitive nature. Challenge them to a 30 second clean-up game! Make it easier from them and label/colour code items to match storage spaces - if they know where to put it, there’s a better chance they will actually put it away!
Child Size Cleaning Tools – Why not buy them their own cleaning supplies? Children will love miniature versions and will be more likely to help out at cleaning time. 

And If all else fails…… there is always bribery! Or should I say ‘Positive Reinforcement’

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Cleaning Can Be Childs Play!
Section Product Row Stars
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