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De-Cluttering the Bathroom

Did you get lots of toiletries for Christmas? Toiletries are always welcome but an excess causes clutter.

One way to make room is to know the shelf life of your products. Body lotions, scrubs, creams et al do not last forever and it can be dangerous to use products that are out of date.

Once you have opened a product, you have introduced air, light and bacteria – which will break down products. In the case of sunscreen, this is really bad news as out of date products offer no protection.

Here are some general guidelines:

Moisturisers, skin creams, eye creams and sunscreen have a shelf life of about a year though it depends upon the ingredients. Creams with Benzoyl peroxide last only three months after opening. Those with retinol, glycolic acid and vitamin C also break down more quickly.

Shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products last about two years, while deodorant, anti-perspirant and soap can last up to three.

When it comes to make-up though, products for the eyes should be treated with caution. Mascara and liquid eye-liner needs to be tossed after three months. Liquid foundation and concealer may last a year.

And once you’ve freed up bathroom space, Maid Simple’s bathroom cleaner will give your room all the extra sparkle it needs!

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De-Cluttering the Bathroom
Section Product Row Stars
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