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Do you have a cleaning playlist?

We all do it! ...... Saturday morning cleaning session in our undies belting out an Adele classic loud enough do drown out the radio!

Everyone has a number of cleaning habits; some even a little unusual! But I’m sure one that we all share in common is turning up the tunes to make our tasks a little bit more fun!

Do you have a cleaning playlist or particular album that gets you motivated?
Michael Jackson’s greatest hits have to be top of the list right?! Bad, Man in the Mirror, Beat It, Thriller…. I could go on!

The right playlist turns any mundane chore into a chance to discover new songs and to remember old favourites, like the classic that is Tainted Love by Soft Cell! It makes the time go much faster, and if like me you want to get the cleaning done as quickly as possible, it’s fun to see if you can complete a task by the song's end. Three and a half minutes to clean the shower! No problem. Especially if you’re armed with Maid Simple Shower Cleaner!

Crank up the radio and spray to the rhythm!

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Do you have a cleaning playlist?
Section Product Row Stars
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