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How to Clean Windows and Glass

How do you keep your windows clean – particularly when there’s the need to batten down the hatches, in the wake of the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo which hit the UK this week with gusts of wind up to 70mph?

Maid Simple glass & mirror cleaner is the perfect product for keeping those windows sparkling clean, all the better for you to watch those winds from the comfort of your warm home. The product is quick and easy to use (no need to waste too much in the way of elbow exertions) and effective.

To make glass cleaning even easier, use a small amount of the cleaner (and that is easy to do when you are using such an effective product as Maid Simple glass & mirror cleaner) and a microfiber cloth or chamois to polish it. Paper towels leave streaks and “bits” behind.

Start your cleaning with a circular motion, then vertical and finish off with horizontal wipes to thoroughly clean the glass and make it clean and shiny. Cotton pads or a soft toothbrush can be used to get into corners and edges.

The old-fashioned “cloth” for window cleaning is newspaper – and this is very effective. Just remember to wear rubber gloves when using newspaper or yesterday’s news will stain your hands and don’t rub it on the window frames. Sparkly windows made easy!

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How to Clean Windows and Glass
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