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Maid Simple Bathroom Review

I love trying new products and after seeing a review of Maid Simple products via Monster Mummies I was desperate to get my hands on some. I went online and purchased a Bathroom Cleaner and Shower Cleaner, and I'm so glad I did. They worked so well!

I used the Shower Cleaner first, sprayed the whole glass screen, and left it for 5 mins before rinsing. I must admit, it is quite strong in scent, so I recommend you keep your windows open throughout. But once I had rinsed the shower cleaner off and buffed with a dry cloth, my shower screen looked amazing. Streak free and sweaky clean.

Then I turned my attention to our bath. I often worry about spraying products in the bath as my daughter is only 1 yr old and loves her bath-time before bed, and I would hate to think that there were any lingering chemicals from the cleaning products I use. With Maid Simple Bathroom Cleaner, I had nothing to worry about. I used this product throughly, and it honestly left my bath looking like new. Their are no strong smells or chemical residues - It cleans brilliantly and then washes away without a trace.

Big thanks to Monster Mummies for pointing me in the direction of Maid Simple. My bathroom has never looked so sparkly. Even my husband has noticed a difference, and that is an achievement in itself! :)

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Maid Simple Bathroom Review
Section Product Row Stars
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