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Personal Cards and Gifts for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, so too do endless marketing campaigns urging you to demonstrate your love for your partner through buying this product or that service.

But what if you would rather make your own special Valentine’s gift? A home-made gift is often viewed as much more personal. After all, the language of love is unique to every couple and perhaps isn’t something that a mass-produced card can communicate.

Here are some ideas from Maid Simple. Martha Stewart, the doyenne of domesticity, has instructions for how to make lots of different Valentine’s Day cards.

If you’re not confident about your card-making skills, you can still opt for something personal from Moonpig which will customise cards for you using your photos and text.

Chocolates are often thought of as a Valentine’s Day gift. To make your own truffles, there are some great recipes from Jamie Oliver, the good to know website and the Guardian. And if that isn’t enough chocolate, you can always make the deliciously decadent truffle torte.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

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Personal Cards and Gifts for Valentine’s Day
Section Product Row Stars
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