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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Although it might still be a little cold at times, spring is definitely in the air with more daylight and a little more sunshine.

Spring cleaning might not yet be the top of your to-do list, but how about tackling the wardrobe to make you feel more organised and ready for the better weather when it eventually arrives?

* Begin by sorting out the cold weather/warm weather clothes and putting the heavier winter coats, jackets and jumpers into storage.

* Be ruthless with what’s in your wardrobe. The Golden Rule is to throw out anything you haven’t worn in six months – so set aside a bag for the charity shop. It might be an idea to ask a friend to help you with this job as your friend will be more detached than you.

* Fix anything that needs mending. Sew on buttons, repair seam holes, sort out hanging hems – or get it done professionally - to make everything in your wardrobe ready to wear.

* Finally, sort out your wardrobe and drawers to make life easier in the mornings. Sort items into tops and jackets, trousers and skirts, and pair all your shoes. If you want to be really organised, you can colour code it too.

Finish off your closet clean with a little Maid Simple furniture polish and you’re good to go!

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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe
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