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Top Tips for Autumn Cleaning!

Spring and autumn cleans are the perfect opportunities to reorganise your house. Most people will give their home a full deep-cleanse around March, when spring cleaning helps to refresh us for the start of the year. But it's a job that should be done twice a year - making autumn the perfect time to give your house a good clean!  Use autumn's brisk and breezy days to conquer deep-cleaning chores for a clean and comfortable winter home, and pack away your outdoor summer items.

Here are some great top tips we’ve found online to help you master the autumn cleaning! 

1. Check the caulking and seals on windows and doors to stop the autumn wind from blowing more dust inside.
2. Be sure gutters are clear. It’s not just an aesthetic advantage – you want to make sure drainage is unimpeded to avoid flooding issues.
3. Savour the sunlight. Give your windows a good clean to let as much of the diminishing light in as you can. Try our Maid Simple Glass & Mirror Cleaner.
4. Make sure hoses are properly drained and outside taps are properly insulated. One cold night in autumn can cause you more problems than you might imagine. If a hose freezes in the winter, it is bound to spring a leak when you need it again.
5. Clean outdoor furniture and pack away. Our Maid Simple Furniture Polish will leave your furniture sparkling! 
6. Don’t forget the leaves. Rake a little at a time to reduce the size of the job as the leaves accumulate.
7. Clean the kid’s summer toys so they are ready to go next year, with our Maid Simple Antibacterial Cleaner – Say NO to germs! 
8. Inspect fencing and repair as needed.

1. Be practical. Where do you spend most of your time indoors? Start your cleaning there!
2. Wash your windows inside and out. Using Maid Simple Glass & Mirror Cleaner will make this task easy peasy, no-one wants gloomy glass!
3. Make sure your vacuum is cleared out and the bag new. Also use all of those fancy attachments that came with it on curtains, in corners and all the other crannies.
4. Get rid of the fluff in your dryer. Inspect the dryer tubes so they are not blowing lint everywhere.
5. Light up your life. Wipe down light fixtures and empty out and critters that perished in the glass bowls for maximum clarity.
6. Replace batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
7. De-clutter your cabinets and wardrobes.
8.  Rearrange furniture and give your bookshelves a good clean. Using Maid Simple Furniture Polish also freshens any room with the sweet spice fragrance of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.

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