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Top Tips for Hand-washing Clothes

Are you planning on travelling this year? If so, remember to pack link Maid Simple’s hand and laundry soap. Gentle enough to use as a hand soap, but powerful enough to shift even the most stubborn stains on clothing, this little bar is an easy-pack, lightweight solution.

Hand-washing can extend the life of clothing and, of course, is often recommended for delicate fabrics such as crochet knits or silk shirts. Here are some hand-washing tips:

1. First, find the item’s care label. This is often inside the garment at the collar or an inside seam. The label will give instructions about washing – whether the item should be hand-washed only, what temperature the water should be and the drying instructions.

2. Check the garment’s colourfastness – this only applies if you plan to wash different-coloured garments together. If you do, wet a white cloth and dab this on your garment in an inconspicuous place. If the colour leaks onto your white cloth, you’ll need to wash it separately.

3. Fill your sink or tub with warm water (making sure the temperature is not higher than the one specified on the care label). You can grate the soap into the water and agitate to create warm, soapy water, or apply directly to the garment once you have submerged it in the water.

4. For delicate items, leave submerged in the water for two to three minutes. Items that can be machine-washed can withstand more robust treatment.

5. Drain the sink or tub and refill with warm, clean water. Submerge garments and swish gently to get rid of the soap. You may need to repeat this process.

6. Follow the instructions on the care label for drying the items.

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Top Tips for Hand-washing Clothes
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