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Top Tips from Maid Simple

 We’ve offered up quite a few of our Maid Simple products for product review and guest blogs recently, and everyone seems really taken with the TOP TIPS we offer on the back of each product. So much so, we thought we would post them all online for you lovely people to take advantage of.

Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen and struggling to get behind those pesky taps, or doing the ironing and looking for a unique way to save time. These top tips will have your home sparkling in no time!

We love them all. But which is your favourite?

Ironing Water - Place aluminium foil under your ironing board cover and the reflected heat means you will iron both sides of your clothes at the same time!

Furniture Polish - Dusting delicate items? Use a clean make-up brush.

Glass & Mirror Cleaner - Wash the outside of windows with car shampoo to remove grit!

Bathroom Cleaner - Use a pink sponge for the bath & blue for the loo so you don`t get them mixed up!

Shower Cleaner - When you shower, leave a door or window open to allow air to circulate and discourage mildew!

Washing-Up Liquid - Apply hand cream then slip on your washing-up gloves. Result? Super soft hands!

Stainless Steel Polish - When cleaning stainless steel use cotton wool or a soft cloth to avoid scratches!

Marble & Granite Polish - Marble is porous and can stain, so wash off spills straight away and use coasters for cups and glasses!

Anti-Bacterial cleaner - For added protection against germs clean cupboard handles, taps and bins!

Kitchen Cleaner - Use an old toothbrush to clean behind your kitchen taps and other hard to reach places!

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Much love!

The Maid Simple Team x

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Top Tips from Maid Simple
Section Product Row Stars
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