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Why Oven-Cleaning is Important

What’s your least favourite household task? We reckon for many people it's cleaning their oven.

An oven however, can quickly build up layers of dirt and grease. This can affect your food, so if you want an incentive to tackle this task read on…

Food and grime that has burned onto the oven’s surface will continue to “cook” every time the oven is switched on. A key way to tell if there is a build-up in your oven is the amount of smoke that is emitted when the door opens. If you haven’t burn the dish you are cooking, this is an indicator of build-up.

A dirty oven will affect food flavour – particularly baking. Grime that burns continuously creates carbon-based fumes, which will alter the taste of baked goods such as bread or cakes. Grime build-up also reduces the efficiency of your oven. Smells are another issue – burnt-on food will leave an unpleasant smell in the kitchen which could drift through the entire house.

If possible, wipe spillages off the hob and inside the oven after each use. In general, your oven should be cleaned properly once every month or two depending on your usage.

And should that clean oven further inspire you, remember that Maid Simple makes kitchen products which will keep the rest of your kitchen sparkling clean too!

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Why Oven-Cleaning is Important
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