Treat Yourself

Cleaning and housekeeping all done easily and quickly? Then you must be using Maid Simple cleaning products! So now you’ve done the work, it’s time for a little ‘me’ time, here are our top tips on how to treat yourself...

Treat Yourself Treat yourself
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Treat your feet!

Give your feet the royal treatment:

Step 1 Soak your feet in warm water
Step 2 Exfoliate your feet with your favorite body or foot scrub
Step 3 Slather on a thick moisturizing lotion or cream
Step 4 Put on some cotton socks to let the lotion really soak in and work its magic. During this stage, don’t walk around, just sit back and relax with a magazine.
Step 5 Then if you want your feet to look really fabulous, grab your favourite nail polish for that final flourish!
If you haven’t got any foot scrub to hand, don’t worry you can make it quickly and easily with things that you will have in your kitchen cupboards…
Foot scrub recipe
Grab some sea salt, Epsom salts, or raw sugar and place it into a bowl. Then add three tablespoons of oil to the bowl, such as, olive, almond, or apricot oil. For extra-dry feet, add two tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel.

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