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Cleaning and housekeeping all done easily and quickly? Then you must be using Maid Simple cleaning products! So now you’ve done the work, it’s time for a little ‘me’ time, here are our top tips on how to treat yourself...

Treat Yourself Treat yourself
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Declutter your home for happiness!

We all know the amazing benefits that having a good clear out can have on our psyche, so if you’ve been dying to get stuck into a cupboard or perhaps a whole room, then this is your time. Little and often is a good decluttering mantra, so start small to begin with, e.g. drawer by drawer – otherwise you could end up living in a bomb site for a few weeks until you manage to get through it all.

Not sure what to do with all the things you don’t want? Here are some great tips to get it gone for good:

Refuse tip - if it’s really worn, damaged or dirty then just clear it out by taking it to your local tip.
Charity shop – If an item is re-usable then let someone else get the benefit. Do note that charity shops may not be able to accept electrical items and they will not accept underwear or clothes with tears or serious damage.
Free or a fee – Have a look in your local newspaper or search online, as some scrap merchants will charge a small fee to collect items, such as, washing machines - or they may collect them for free.
Recycle - Some organisations, such as local charities will take furniture. Fire safety labels will be required on soft furnished items such as sofas. There are also organisations that specialise in recycling items such as, mobile phones and old computers which you can find online.
Storage – If you want to keep hold of something for sentimental value or perhaps until you move to a larger home, then you could use a low cost self storage unit, or perhaps you have a family member with some spare space in their garage or loft that they’re happy for you to use. 
Earn some money – Your unwanted items may be just what someone else is looking for. So take your goods down to a local boot fair, where for only £5 or so for a pitch, you could end up getting a surprisingly good amount of cash for your troubles. You can then use the money to buy something you really want. Or sell your items online, there are a number of great sites to use, such as, Gumtree (which is free), eBay or musicMagpie for CD’s, DVD’s and console games.
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